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Default gms folder / gms file

Im not sure if it matters what version of corel draw you are running but you can try this if you use version 12....
Take the attached GlobalMacros.gms file and put it in your GMS folder. The folder should be located under ...
C:\Program Files\Corel\Corel Graphics 12\Draw\GMS
Provided You did the typical install without changing the program files path.
If you Deleted the GMS folder, simply create a new one then put the attached file inside.
In future, it would be a good idea to copy any program file that you are going to edit and duplicate it in a new folder somewhere (before you change it) with a name that would clue you into "original unadulterated files" or something. that way you can always replace a messed up file with the original one.
BTW the attached file has an appended underscore before the .GMS extension. Simply delete that character if you want the original name convention, but it realy makes no difference. The file was my original gms file before I started experimenting with gms.
Hope that helps.
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