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Thumbs up A Suggestion for a "WOW" effect or Macro, for the New Corel Draw X7

A Suggestion for a "WOW" effect or a Macro for the New Corel Draw X7

I would like to suggest, a "Wow" effect/macro, that in my opinion, will make Corel Draw stands out and be the Most completed suite and the Most powerful Vector software of all !

It's a name that i gave and i called it "Vector Gaussian Blur"!

As we can see, this effect tool exists already in illustrator, since a long time.

I just can't wait to see something similar in the new version of Corel Draw X7.

I don't like the method that some people usually use to achieve this effect, by converting a vector shape to Bitmap, they open Photopaint and then they apply the bitmap Gaussian blur filter on it.

That's why i would like to change this and create something that will be a vector base! That will only be inside Corel Draw.

In fact there is a tool in Corel Draw, that can do almost the same job as the "Gaussian Blur" does, in a vector style. It is the drop shadow effect !
But my suggestion is to create an effect tool solely for this effect only. Which of course will includes feather and transparency together with this effect.

- Actually the trick is when you apply a drop shadow to a vector object, inside Corel Draw and then "Break the Drop Shadow Appart", you instantly have a "Vector Gaussian Blur" object!

Because it is vector, of course you can change its color and change its shape!

I am attaching a visual sample below, that i did, to show you what i mean.

Also Check my Original Post Here at Corel Draw Forum =>
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