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oh really thanks shelby.It worked for me very well

but i have faced a new problem

when a user changes the color components from the fill property of an object manually then your script...

Sub MyColor()
Dim vColor As Variant,mcol As New Color

vColor = Split(ActiveShape.Fill.UniformColor.ToString, ",")

MsgBox "Mode: " & vColor(0) & " C: " & vColor(2) & " M: " & vColor(3) & " Y: " & vColor(4) & " K: " & vColor(5)

If vColor(0) = "CMYK" Or vColor(0) = "CMYK100" Then
mcol.CMYKAssign vColor(2), vColor(3), vColor(4), vColor(5)
end if
End Sub



creates an error as the color model changes to CMYK100 and the c,m,y,k values have gone beyond '100'.The CMYKAssign cannot assign the values

Please help me out with this!
Thanks in advance

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