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Default How to use user input text in a form?

Related to earlier post.
I have searched the forum and cannot seem to find anything that addresses this seemingly simple task.
I have created a user form with multiple text boxes for a user to input various paths. The form then takes the user input and converts it into a path which is used for an export module. The module runs and uses the input text string to output multiple files to the specified user input.
I am having an awful time trying to figure out how to get anything read from the input. I have even tried using a msgBox to return a value and it comes up blank. ( MsgBox frmentrpths.txt_PDF_Pth.Text) ( used in the Execute button Private Sub)
I have read through the guide provided by Corel which doesnt seem to cover this scenario. Maybe it is sooo easy they felt it not necessary... I just dont get it. Please help.
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