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Post Plates - true or false

Hi guys.

I'm working in Corel 12 and...

this code:

Sub PlatesTest()

Dim strPlates As String
Dim Plate As SeparationPlate
Dim intPlateCounter As Integer
ActiveDocument.PrintSettings.Separations.Enabled = True

    With ActiveDocument.PrintSettings.Separations
       For intPlateCounter = 1 To .Plates.count - 1
          If .Plates(intPlateCounter).Enabled = True Then
             strPlates = strPlates & .Plates(intPlateCounter).Color & vbCr
          End If
       Next intPlateCounter
          MsgBox strPlates
     End With

intPlateCounter = 1


End Sub

shows this message:

What can I do to show the truth?

Please help me change the code to show only those plates which are actually used in the document.



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