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Sorry for "ignoring" you. It's just your problem sounds quite complicated and it would require a lot of time to address completely. From your description it seems that you would like the whole program created for you rather than try to solve a particular problem or two you bumped into. I just wanted to get some free time to get to your request properly.

Unfortunately I've been quite busy lately, so I couldn't reply to your message even though some other people's questions were answered because they were much simpler.

I guess you need to clarify a bit more of what you are trying to do. What do you mean "allow the user to do some formatting"? Do you mean that after the record value is merged into the document, the user goes in the document, moves text around, changes fonts and colors, etc and the macro somehow waits for this to finish before he proceeds with the next record? What happens to the record once it is processed and we move on to the next one? Do we save the document, create a new page, print it?

I guess I would suggest you to split your questions in parts and work on them in turn. First, try describing the workflow a bit more. What exactly you want to do, and how (what the user interface looks like in your opinion, how the user interacts with the program, what happens to the data, how it is inserted in the document (is there a template document which you are working on, or the text is just created at specified locations on the page) and things like this.

Then we'll work over the task one step at a time. Otherwise, trying to answer your question would mean just go and create the whole solution for you
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