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Default Runtime Error 6 / Overflow

I created myself a macro using Alex's RecreateCurve code he posted awhile back. See this thread:

I created a form with 12 command buttons, each button for a different simple 60 degree shape. I.E. when you click the button it creates the shape and centers it on the page. Quite simple with Alex's code and it really saves me a lot of time!

However, occasionally I get this error when I click a button: "Runtime Error 6/Overflow." It does not happen often, and I cannot seem to replicate it consistently. It's not just a certain button either, because sometimes if I click another button and then go back to the first one that brought on the error it works fine. I am wondering what might be causing this?? Any thoughts, suggestions? If you need to see a sample .gms, let me know and I can post it later.

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