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Old 04-11-2006, 13:10
mick classen
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Default corel X3 slow to copy and paste

I've tried to get some feedback on this frustration we have with X3. I understand it may be a frustration that others are also experiencing. Here's our situation.

We have a cdr file for every one of our 2000 + customers. Those files are saved in a folder called "Fax Templates". Each file gives us all of the contact information we need for that particular customer.

When we start a new job for a customer we go to the appropriate fax template file, select all, copy, exit, and paste in the new file. For some unknown reason it is taking an awful long time (15 - 20 seconds) to copy the info (which is a very small file -- text only) to the clip board and then an awful long time to paste into the new cdr file. We don't get that wait time in corel 8 or 11.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how we might correct this situation.

Thanks, Mick
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Old 04-11-2006, 13:44
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Default Copy and Paste

Doesn't Michael's post answer this:

Copy and Paste

Good luck,

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Old 04-11-2006, 15:35
mick classen
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Hi Shelby: I've tried Michael's....when I run it it takes me immediately to debugger. Thanks Mick
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Old 05-11-2006, 07:52
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Not that this is an answer to your question but I noticed the same thing and also noticed that if you continue to copy and paste via VBA then you will run out of memory. Obviously there is a memory leak in the core code.
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Old 08-11-2006, 12:40
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It would appear that code that once worked in prior versions now cause out of memory issues and even application level crashes in X3.

Create a new page and put in artistic text "%1%" without the quotes.
open up Task Manager and click the performance tab. Pay particular attention to the PF Usuage.

Now run the following script:

Sub cTest()
Dim i As Long
'select the text on the page
'copy the text to the clipboard

For i = 1 To 500

ActiveShape.Move 1, -(i / 5)
ActivePage.TextReplace "%1%", CStr(i), False, False
Next i

End Sub

My usuage goes as high as 2 gig when running the script. This is causing me some issues and what I found was that the TextReplace function is eating up memory big time. Close the document that was created by this script and notice the PF usuage does not drop. Only after you exit corel draw does it go back down to normal levels.

This doesnt matter if you are only using the function a few times but when your iterations get up in the hundreds or even thousands you can see how fast you are losing memory.

Is anybody else seeing this?
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Old 29-03-2007, 14:05
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I am bumping this up as I still see it as a problem. Also noticed that when run, if you shutdown corel and look in the task manager Corel.exe is still running. Start corel again and now you have two copies in memory.
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