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Old 21-09-2008, 12:32
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Default VBA Nodes Tutorial

Is there a good tutorial anywhere for working with nodes in Coreldraw VBA?

The "record a macro" trick gives me a good starting point for many uses of VBA, but not for creating, deleting, & otherwise manipulating nodes.
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Old 23-09-2008, 21:01
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Default All about nodes...

The best information you will find about nodes is in the help file. There are several examples for what you want....

Adding a node to a SubPath
 Dim sp As SubPath 
 For Each sp In ActiveShape.Curve.Subpaths 
  sp.AddNodeAt 0.5, cdrRelativeSegmentOffset 
 Next sp
Adding a node to a Segment
Dim s As Shape 
 Set s = ActiveLayer.CreateCurveSegment(2, 8.3, 5.3, 8.5, 1.5, -62, 
2.4, 84) 
 s.Curve.Segments(1).AddNodeAt 0.5, cdrRelativeSegmentOffset
Delete a Node
 Dim s As Shape 
 Dim n As Node 
 Dim i As Long, Num As Long 
 Set s = ActiveShape 
 If s.Type <> cdrCurveShape Then Exit Sub 
 Num = s.Curve.Nodes.Count 
 i = 1 
 While i <= Num 
  Set n = s.Curve.Nodes(i) 
  If n.Type = cdrCuspNode Then 
   If n.SubPath.Nodes.Count = 2 Then 
    ' Deleting a node from a segment containing only 2 nodes 
    ' will remove the whole segment. If we are deleting the last 
    ' node of the subpath, then we must move one more step back. 
    If n.SubPath.EndNode Is n Then i = i - 1 
    Num = Num - 2 
    i = i - 1 
    ' Just delete the node and adjust the number of nodes left. 
    Num = Num - 1 
    i = i - 1 
   End If 
  End If 
  i = i + 1 
There are many many more examples that should help you out in the help file!

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