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Old 03-05-2004, 20:07
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Default Try to capture a fill color for reuse

I am trying to capture an objects current fill color and then alter THE ACTUAL color in a specific way (like make it lighter or darker) and then use that color to fill a second object.

I can't find a function that "gets" a fill color and stores it.


BTW, I'm not looking for fancy at this point so Uniform Fills are fine.
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Old 03-05-2004, 20:48
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Default Re: Try to capture a fill color for reuse

What version of CorelDRAW do you use? If you use CorelDRAW 9 or later, I'd use VBA for this as it is so much easier to work with and do what you want. However if you have to use CorelScript instead of VBA, then here is how you do it (the following script adds 10% of black to CMYK- or RGB-filled selected object):

Dim md As Long
Dim c1 As Long, c2 As Long, c3 As Long, c4 As Long
Dim c5 As Long, c6 As Long, c7 As Long
WITHOBJECT "CorelDRAW.Automation.8"
    .GetUniformFillColor md, c1, c2, c3, c4, c5, c6, c7
    Select Case (md Mod 1000)
        Case 2
            ' CMYK color model
            c4 = c4 + 10
        Case 5
            ' RGB color
            c1 = c1 * 0.9
            c2 = c3 * 0.9
            c3 = c3 * 0.9
    End Select
    .StoreColor md, c1, c2, c3, c4, c5, c6, c7, 0
Now compare this to a similar in functionality VBA macro:

Sub BlendColor1()
    Dim cBlack As Color
    Set cBlack = CreateCMYKColor(0, 0, 0, 100)
    ActiveShape.Fill.UniformColor.BlendWith cBlack, 90
End Sub
Or if you must do your own calculations, as with the CorelScript example above, here is how much simpler it is in VBA:

Sub BlendColor2()
    Dim cFill As New Color
    cFill.CopyAssign ActiveShape.Fill.UniformColor
    Select Case cFill.Type
        Case cdrColorCMYK
            cFill.CMYKBlack = cFill.CMYKBlack + 10
        Case cdrColorRGB
            cFill.RGBRed = cFill.RGBRed * 0.9
            cFill.RGBGreen = cFill.RGBGreen * 0.9
            cFill.RGBBlue = cFill.RGBBlue * 0.9
    End Select
    ActiveShape.Fill.UniformColor = cFill
End Sub
Well, you've got the idea
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