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Old 16-01-2011, 11:37
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Default Cannot rotate a virtual shape with the same precision as a shape

I have a simple function that rotates a line for example.
Draw a line and angle it at whatever angle, say a 3 inch 45 degree line.
The function will return the angle for rotation that rotates the line until it's at it's thinnest horizontal width.

I use a virtual shape to greatly improve speed.
When I create a virtual shape the angle for the prec (precision value) that I enter cannot seem to be less than .5
For a regular shape, not a virtual shape, I can use any value ie .01

Here's the function. Just pass the shape to it.

Private Function rotateIt2(s As Shape) As Double
    'Dim s As Shape
    Dim dup As Shape
    Dim thinnestw As Double
    Dim angle As Double
    Dim rotToThinW As Double, prec As Double

    prec = 0.25
    'Set dup = s.TreeNode.GetCopy().VirtualShape 'use a virtual shape instead.
    Set dup = s.Duplicate
    thinnestw = 10000
    angle = 0
    For angle = 0 To 20 Step prec
        dup.Rotate prec
        If dup.SizeWidth < thinnestw Then
            thinnestw = dup.SizeWidth
            rotToThinW = angle
        ElseIf dup.SizeWidth > thinnestw And angle <> 0 Then
            GoTo exitMe:
        End If
    Next angle
    rotateIt2 = rotToThinW + prec
End Function
Any ideas?
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Old 19-01-2011, 14:34
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runflacruiser runflacruiser is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Pigeon Forge, TN USA
Posts: 811
Default virtual shape bug

Here's a solid testing code and result file.
The code simply creates a rectangle then rotates it either as shape or a virtual shape duplicate of it.
It takes a height measurement of the shape at each rotation angle in the loop.

I'm getting unexpected results.
I also attached a results file with my results to the test.

Sub testVirtualShapeRotation()

    Dim s As Shape, sDup As Shape
    Dim dAngle As Double, dStep As Double, dH As Double
    Dim lSpace As Long
    Dim bUseVirtual As Boolean
    bUseVirtual = True
    lSpace = 1
    dStep = 0.01
    Set s = ActiveLayer.CreateRectangle2(0, 0, 6, 2)
    Set sDup = s.TreeNode.GetCopy().VirtualShape
    For dAngle = dStep To 360 Step dStep 'loop to rotate a rectangle and take height measurement
        If Not bUseVirtual Then
            s.Rotate dAngle 'rotate it!
            dH = s.SizeHeight 'height measurement taken
        Else 'use our virtual shape instead
            sDup.Rotate dAngle 'rotate it!
            dH = sDup.SizeHeight 'height measurement taken
        End If
        ActiveLayer.CreateArtisticText 0, lSpace, dH
        lSpace = lSpace + 1
    Next dAngle
End Sub
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File Type: cdr virtual_test.cdr (40.8 KB, 365 views)
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virtual shape rotation

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