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Old 19-04-2006, 16:39
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Default Scaling Script

Not sure if this is a DRAW or a DESIGNER script suggesiton since there is an overlap between the two programs.

When importing photos (particulary aerial photos) or when importing groups of objects from different CDR files, the existing scaling tools or scaling methods don't meet my needs (at least I don't think there are any existing tools that will do the trick with precision or convenience). I often have to create diagrams involving maps or site layouts. Sometimes I have to combine scans of CAD drawings with vector imports (ie., Dxf or Dwg files) into one file.

Example One. I import a few aerial photos of similar areas but from different sources. I need to make them all the same scale. In each I know the actual distance of a length of a street, side of house, or side of a lot. Assuming I have my unit of measure properly defined for my drawing, I would like be able draw a temporary line along (or click on two points along) an actual feature on the selected photo (like the side of house), have the length of that line displayed in a the property bar or a dialog box, enter what the real value should be, and then have CorelDRAW calculate the scale factor required and scale the photo accordingly. If the first endpoint of the temporary line (or first click of the mouse) could serve as the center point of the scaling the would be even better.

Example Two. I import groups of objects from a different CDR files, each with a different scale. In each group there is a common object. In need to scale each group so they are the proper size relative to their common object. Using a procedure similar to the above, I click and scale each group using their common object as a reference.

Example Three. Import three CDR files into one drawing. Initially all three were drawn at the same scale. Once imported, I position each group of objects to their proper place in the drawing area. I then select an object within a group (Ctrl-click it) and use the procedure listed above; however, I am also given an option to scale only the group of which the object is a member OR to scale the ENTIRE drawing using the same scale factor.

Regards, John
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