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Old 10-04-2005, 20:22
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Default Copy Properties > all

Hi all,
I am using v12. I cant seem to find a CopyProperties method (i think that would be a method), anywhere. I would think there would be something that would simply getAllProperties and be assignable to someOther.shape
I found something in the corelScript section of the object model reference. Im not sure this would work. Any suggestions???
Thanx, Andy
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Old 10-04-2005, 22:25
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Default Re: Copy Properties > all

Yes, you are right. Right now there is no direct way of using CopyPropertiesFrom command in VBA. You can resort to CorelScript's implementation of it but it is very cumbersome. CS's command works with pre-recorded shape indices which is quite difficult to obtain.

Anyway, you can use this function in VBA to do the job:

Sub CopyPropertiesFrom(ByVal ShapeFrom As Shape, ByVal ShapeTo As Shape, _
                        ByVal OutlinePen As Boolean, ByVal OutlineColor As Boolean, _
                        Fill As Boolean, TextAttributes As Boolean)
    Dim cs As Object
    Set cs = CorelScript
    cs.CopyPropertiesFrom 1, OutlinePen, OutlineColor, Fill, TextAttributes
End Sub
However if you just need to copy fill or ouline, just assign them from one object to another, like this:

Shape1.Fill = Shape2.Fill
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Old 18-04-2005, 14:50
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Default Re Copy Properties answer

thanx Alex as always you are a great help.
Any idea if the vba is going to change with v13. More funtionality?
Just curious.
Best regards Andy
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