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Old 01-09-2021, 10:58
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Default Events

I have come to need to be able to handle the CorelDRAW.Document.ShapeChange event in vb.net. Searching this forum I cannot find complete information on how to do this invb.net. Does anyone have an example on how to catch this event?
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Old 04-09-2021, 00:36
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Default Events

I have put together an Example Docker for you.

This example is a Custom Docker written in VB.NET. I will include the entire solution as an attachment. You will need Visual Studio to open / edit it. The Docker uses .NET 4.8 and should work for CorelDRAW X7 - CorelDRAW 2021.

To install the docker you would copy the files to the Addons folder. So for example CorelDRAW 2021 would look like this:

C:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021\Programs64\Addons\ShapeChangeExampleDocker

The docker has a single TextBox and as each Event fires I put it in the TextBox so you can see when they fire.

I added all the Events for Shape because you maybe surprised when one fires. For example if you move a shape the ShapeMove fires but the ShapeChange does not. The ShapeChange will fire when you say apply a fill to the shape.

Here is what the docker looks like:
Name:  ShapeChangeExampleDocker.PNG
Views: 234
Size:  12.4 KB
For those who do not want to download the zip the main code looks like this:
Imports Corel.Interop.VGCore

Public Class DockerUI
    Dim WithEvents corelApp As Application
    Dim WithEvents curDoc As Document

    Public Sub New(app As Object)
        corelApp = CType(app, Application)

        EventsTextBox.Text = "Docker Loaded" + Environment.NewLine
    End Sub

    Private Sub corelApp_WindowActivate(Doc As Document, Window As Window) Handles corelApp.WindowActivate
        curDoc = Doc
        EventsTextBox.Text += "Window Activate" + Environment.NewLine
    End Sub

    Private Sub corelApp_WindowDeactivate(Doc As Document, Window As Window) Handles corelApp.WindowDeactivate
        curDoc = Nothing
        EventsTextBox.Text += "Window DeActivate" + Environment.NewLine
    End Sub

    Private Sub curDoc_ShapeChange(Shape As Shape, Scope As cdrShapeChangeScope) Handles curDoc.ShapeChange
        EventsTextBox.Text += "Shape Change" + Environment.NewLine
    End Sub

    Private Sub curDoc_ShapeCreate(Shape As Shape) Handles curDoc.ShapeCreate
        EventsTextBox.Text += "Shape Create" + Environment.NewLine
    End Sub

    Private Sub curDoc_ShapeDelete(Count As Integer) Handles curDoc.ShapeDelete
        EventsTextBox.Text += "Shape Delete" + Environment.NewLine
    End Sub

    Private Sub curDoc_ShapeDistort(Shape As Shape) Handles curDoc.ShapeDistort
        EventsTextBox.Text += "Shape Distort" + Environment.NewLine
    End Sub

    Private Sub curDoc_ShapeMove(Shape As Shape) Handles curDoc.ShapeMove
        EventsTextBox.Text += "Shape Move" + Environment.NewLine
    End Sub

    Private Sub curDoc_ShapeTransform(Shape As Shape) Handles curDoc.ShapeTransform
        EventsTextBox.Text += "Shape Transform" + Environment.NewLine
    End Sub

    Private Sub curDoc_SelectionChange() Handles curDoc.SelectionChange
        EventsTextBox.Text += "Selection Change" + Environment.NewLine
    End Sub
End Class
If you have questions just let me know, I will help where I can.

Happy Coding,

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File Type: zip ShapeChangeExampleDocker.zip (58.3 KB, 225 views)

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