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Old 30-04-2009, 14:08
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Default In Need of Corel Macro

Need Corel Macro to automatically identify the Pantone colors within drawing and place a description of the Pantone colors on the drawing itself. This is so the screen printers in shop know what colors to use for printing. Trying to reach Alex Vakulenko to develop the macro. I will pay for the application. Please e-mail me at andycrane1@yahoo.com or phone 305-775-8583.

- Andy
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Old 22-05-2009, 09:50
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Originally Posted by andy View Post
Need Corel Macro to automatically identify the Pantone colors within drawing and place a description of the Pantone colors on the drawing it.
Andy, there is no exact way to match Pantone and RGB or CMYK colors, because pantones started off as inks. When Corel starts, you may have noticed a line of text on the splash object, it says something like "Pantone colors are only approximations". This is because someone has looked at each individual pantone and said, "Hmm, that looks like x parts red, y parts green & z parts blue."

There are a few scripts and sites out there to convert Pantones to RGB & to CMYK. Do a search on "Pantones to RGB" or "Pantones to CMYK". But any script would really just be a look-up table, not a series of calculations. And any script may not come up with numbers that satisfy you. The best thing I can suggest is what I do when I have to match a pantone, is to get a number of choices from several sites, print them, & make my choice.
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Old 23-05-2009, 15:18
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Andy doesn't want his pantones converted to either CMYK or RGB because he's using silk screen, where the print company will mix up inks from base colours -- a bit like they do in decorating shops. The silk screen process doesn't use RGB or CMYK at all.

I can't help with a script, but a possible tempory answer would be:

a) Export to EPS

b) Open the EPS file in Wordpad.

Near the beginning you will see a section of the form:

%%DocumentCustomColors: (PANTONE 2627 C)
%%+ (PANTONE 503 C)
%%CMYKCustomColor: 0.84 1 0.07 0.33 (PANTONE 2627 C)
%%+ 0 0.18 0.06 0.01 (PANTONE 503 C)

All pantones used within the document will be listed there. So you could either copy cut and paste that section into spare space on the graphic, or into a separate text file.
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Old 26-05-2009, 12:02
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Oh, oops. You did say "screens", didn't you. Sorry, "description" at my shop is the RGB or CMYK values.

OK, if dealing with pantone inks, then the name should be enough, right? That's what we use when we use pantones. Then how about this:
Private Sub DisplayValues()
    Dim s As Shape
    Dim posX As Double, posY As Double
    Dim txt As Shape
    Dim msg As String
    ActiveDocument.BeginCommandGroup "LabelColors"
        For Each s In ActiveSelection.Shapes
            msg = s.Fill.UniformColor.name
            s.GetPosition posX, posY
            ActiveLayer.CreateArtisticText posX, posY, msg, cdrEnglishUS, , "Arial", 6, cdrFalse, cdrFalse, , cdrLeftAlignment
        Next s
End Sub
Make sure all your objects are selected first.
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