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Old 07-12-2003, 07:37
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Default ThisDocument Events

Hi there,

I have to trace all Docs opened, created and closed. I've seen other applications have a lot of events handled by ThisDocument, but PP11 only has four of them. GlobalDocument_Open(new)Document works fine, but what about CloseDocument? That's the most important, but can't find it...

Is it possible to add events or something like that? What can I do? Please answer 'idiot proof', i'm not really familiar with VBA.

Thanks, Axel
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Old 16-08-2009, 14:23
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Default ThisDocument events - detect document closed

Below is a somewhat stupid way to check for closure, but it does work just so long as you opened the events with file / open.

I think there are other ways too, but I have to play with it.


Private m_tStr As String

Private Sub GlobalDocument_OpenDocument(ByVal Document As IPaintDocument)
Dim ppDoc As PHOTOPAINT.Document
Set ppDoc = Document
CheckClose ppDoc
End Sub

Public Function CheckClose(ppDoc As PHOTOPAINT.Document)
While True
DoEventPause 2
If Not IsDocOpen(ppDoc) Then
GoTo JumpOut
End If
MsgBox "closed"
End Function

Public Function IsDocOpen(ppDoc As PHOTOPAINT.Document) As Boolean
IsDocOpen = False
On Error GoTo JumpError
m_tStr = ppDoc.Name
IsDocOpen = True
Exit Function
End Function

Public Function DoEventPause(Seconds As Integer)
Dim tStart As Date
Dim tNow As Date
Dim i As Integer
Dim j As Long
j = 1
tStart = Now
While True
For i = 1 To 6000
Next i
j = j + 1
tNow = Now
If Second(tNow - tStart) >= Seconds Then
Exit Function
End If
End Function
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