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Old 19-02-2003, 19:58
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Default SaveAs function not working in PP11


I'm trying to write a function which resizes and saves an image at three different sizes. However, the SaveAs function is not working (seems to be simply ignored). The rest of the script is executed flawlessly. Code follows:

Dim varFileName, varPath, varLargeFile As String
Dim doc As Document
Set doc = ActiveDocument


doc.DpiX = txtLargeDPIX.Text
doc.DpiY = txtLargeDPIY.Text
doc.Resample 400

varFileName = txtName.Text & ".jpg"
varPath = "C:\temp\"
varLargeFile = varPath & varFileName

doc.SaveAs varLargeFile, cdrJPEG

Is there something that I need to do to the file before I use the SaveAs function? I'm trying to use this on both existing .jpg and .cpt files and neither work. I heard before that when saving files, errors are not displayed, and the opration simply skips the command. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Old 19-02-2003, 23:27
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Default Re: SaveAs function not working in PP11


Document.SaveAs function in PP11 returns a filter object which needs to be used to finish the save operation:

Dim flt As Object
Set flt = doc.SaveAs(varLargeFile, cdrJPEG)

Or just simply:

doc.SaveAs(varLargeFile, cdrJPEG).Finish

For more information on how to use the filter object returned, please refer to the following article (which was written for Draw 10, but also applies to Draw 11 and Paint 11): http://www.oberonplace.com/vba/exportex.htm

I hope it helps.
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Old 03-03-2003, 17:31
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Default SaveAs is working now!!!

Wow!!! Thank you so much. It worked perfectly. I really appreciate your answer, and so does my boss and everyone here at the office that will benefit from this component.
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