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Old 12-09-2004, 18:08
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Default Alex - on behalf of myself and many others a BIG THANKS !!


Many thanks to your help on a recent issue of mine, but more so to the help that you have extended to many over the past. I appreciate that others, and many thanks to them, do respond to issues that myself and others have had, but in general YOU are the one that responds to the majority of issues.

Your knowledge and your preparedness to share that knowledge, at the expense of your time etc. has saved most of us from hours/days of head bashing. Personally, I know a recent issue "wasted" about 10+ hours of testing and attempting to solve the problem, was solved by this forum and in particularly yourself.

I know from the past, that looking through the past topics has been better than a "Programers Guide" and many solutions or ideas have been forthcoming from this Forum.

Once again many thanks for this forum and the help that you have extended to the Group.

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Old 12-09-2004, 22:02
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Default Re: Alex - on behalf of myself and many others a BIG THANKS


Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad I could help...
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Old 13-09-2004, 00:53
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Absolutely concur!

Alex sure has helped me and my business over the years. What's more, knowledge learned through Corel Script and VBA has enabled me to embark on quite complex applications such as sophisticated quoting programs, jobs lists etc in VB and Access.

Alex has gratiously provided an valuable service to us all - we extend our gratitude.

Incidently, have a look at news groups and forums associated with Adobe Illustrator. You'd be amazed at how petty and how unwilling they are to part with any knowledge and help.

I enquired once about an automation issue in Illustrator and was belittled and criticised for "buying $3000 worth of software without knowing how to use it."

They really are a protective, unhelpfull lot. Give me the Corel fraternity any day!

Michael (Brisbane Australia)
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Old 14-09-2004, 13:38
Peter Clifton
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Totally in agreement here.

A big thanks to Alex for all his help.



Also thanks to Nick Wilkinson for the Draw VBA programming guide that enabled me to start down this route from only having limited CorelSCRIPT experience.
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