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Old 22-08-2011, 12:44
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Default rectangle.setroundness

I have a macro that has run properly in CorelDraw V12, X3 and X4. When I run it in X5, it will not round the corners of a rectangle. I tried the example in the help file:

VBA example
The following VBA example sets the roundness for all corners in the active rectangle to 50%.

Sub Test()
ActiveShape.Rectangle.SetRoundness 50
End Sub

THis does not work either. Also the rectangle.setradius does not work in X5.

Is there a workaround for this?
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Old 23-08-2011, 02:00
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Inside VBA-editor press F2, then see members of Rectangle-class.
Try use .CornerLowerLeft\CornerLowerRight\CornerUpperLeft\CornerUpperRight or RadiusLowerLeft\ etc.
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Old 23-08-2011, 19:58
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I was having trouble with this topic a while ago.
I wrote a macro for someone that would adjust the inner rectangles of rectangle inner outer pairs to a certain inset distance.
Seemed when I used mm and no matter what I tried I couldn't get corners to work correctly.
Here's the code I used.

Sub adjustInset()
    Dim s As Shape, sInside As Shape, sr As New ShapeRange, sr2 As ShapeRange
    Dim x#, y#, w#, h#, dInset#, dRad#
    Dim q$
    Dim bSet As Boolean, r As Rectangle
    bSet = False
    EventsEnabled = False
    ActiveDocument.Unit = cdrMillimeter
    dRad = 10 ' set corner radius here but relative corner scaling is on in macro below so I may not be needed.
    dInset# = 3 'you inset value
    q = "@type = 'rectangle' and @com.ParentGroup = null"
    ActiveDocument.BeginCommandGroup "Group Rectangles Contents"
    If ActiveSelection.Shapes.count = 0 And Not bSet Then MsgBox "Select all items and try again.", vbCritical, "GDG"
    Set sr = ActiveSelection.Shapes.FindShapes(Query:=q)
    If sr.count = 0 And Not bSet Then MsgBox "No rectangles or grouped items in your selection, try again.", vbCritical, "GDG"
    bSet = True
    For Each s In sr
            s.GetBoundingBox x, y, w, h
            Set sr2 = New ShapeRange
            sr2.Add s
            Set sr2 = New ShapeRange
            Set sInside = ActivePage.SelectShapesFromRectangle(x, y, x + w, y + h, False)
            If sInside.Shapes.count = 2 Then
                Set sInside = ActiveShape
                sInside.SetBoundingBox x + dInset, y + dInset, w - (dInset * 2), h - (dInset * 2)
                With sInside.Rectangle
                    .RelativeCornerScaling = False
                    .CornerType = cdrCornerTypeScallop
                    .SetRadius 30
                End With
                sInside.Selected = True
                s.Selected = True
                GoTo reGet
            End If
    Next s

    EventsEnabled = True
End Sub
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rectangle, setroundness, vba

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