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Old 19-05-2004, 07:55
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Default WRITE in CorelDRAW 12

I can't make this script work in CorelDRAW 12
OPEN "c:\_wr.tmp" FOR OUTPUT AS i
write #i, a, b, c
close i
OPEN "c:\_wr.tmp" FOR INPUT AS i
input #i, a, b, c
close i

message str(a)+chr(13)+b+chr(13)+str(c)
WRITE command uses now unicode for output...

Is it possible to make it use ASCII?[/code]
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Old 19-05-2004, 14:30
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Default Re: WRITE in CorelDRAW 12

I guess it's about time to switch to VBA probably?

But to answer your question, I don't think there is anything you can do, other than opening the file afterwards and then re-encoding it...

CorelScript is no longer supported and I guess the compiler was unadvertedly converted into Unicode along with the rest of the suite. However I really doubt that there will be any fixes coming for this particular problem. But don't take my words for it. It's just my guess, and personal opinion. I will still report this problem and let's hope it'll get fixed for you...

On the other hand, I would consider switching to VBA instead... Just curious, why do you have to use CorelScript?
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Old 20-05-2004, 08:06
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Default Re: WRITE in CorelDRAW 12

Originally Posted by Alex
Just curious, why do you have to use CorelScript?
I was asked this question in Russian Corel forum and didn't find the answer, so I've redirected the question...

As for me I prefer not to rewrite scripts to VBA if they are working normally, and it's much more convinient for me to work with Script Manager docker, than to create my own buttons for VBA macros...
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Old 13-04-2006, 14:08
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Smile There is a fix, but it is UGLY!

Hi Guys,

I just solved this one, and it is not pretty!

Add this subroutine to your script:
SUB myStringWrite(n as integer, s as string)
Dim i
if len(s) > 1 then
for i = 1 to len(s)-1
PRINT #n, mid(s, i, 1);
next i
PRINT #n, mid(s, i, 1) ' last character gets a carriage return
PRINT #n, s
End Sub
Now, when you have a string to write, say myString, to an open file, say file # 1,
simply call
myStringWrite 1, myString
A long time ago, I had to fight the opposite problem in CorelScript 7, where it would not reliably read string with the LineInput command. For that problem, I created this:
FUNCTION ReadLine (n as integer) as string
DIM s as string
DIM line_done as Boolean
DIM a as string

s = ""
line_done = FALSE
WHILE NOT line_done
a = input (1, n) ' read 1 character from file #n
if a <> CHR(10) and a <> CHR(13) then s = s + a
if a = CHR(13) or EOF(n) then line_done = TRUE
ReadLine = s
It is called by simply
myString = ReadLine(f) ' where f is the filenumber used to OPEN the file
I hope this helps. I realize none of it is pretty, but that's what I've come to expect from the authors of CorelScript.

Take Care,

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