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Old 19-11-2005, 14:01
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Default Exports: color not solid to edge in images

I've been having this problem for ages. Its bothering the hell out of me.

Anything I seem to export for use on the internet has it's edges slightly discolored. Lets say I want to make a blue patterned background for a website, and I create the image to be tiled in Corel Draw. After I export it the sides (sometimes this only happens to 1 or 2 sides) are 1 shade lighter, thus making my tiled background appear to have vertical and horizontal 1pixel lines running all around.

I use rulers, snap to guidelines, turn borders off the shapes I'm drawing, and make sure the image is 100% perfect in Corel Draw. Every time after I export the image there is some problem with the edge (a 1 pixel line).

I've inlcluded an example of this problem. Below is the original image I got from a template, and the right is a modified version of stuff I added in Corel Draw, making sure nothing was "hanging off the edge" before I exported it. Everything lined up, yet as you can see the line on the right is of a different color. I just took a screenshot in CD12 of the two imported images and exported it in paint.


Any help is greatly appreciated!

EDIT: I just drew a solid blue box with a hairline border of the same color and exported it, and again, the entire perimeter is one shade lighter. You may need to zoom in using Windows Picture Viewer


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Old 19-11-2005, 15:06
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Default Image

I do believe this is caused by having the antialias checkbox checked. Uncheck it and it should work.

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Old 21-11-2005, 22:01
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Default If my memory serves ........

If my memory serves me.......
this is a legacy issue (Bug) with the software. the way around it is to crop your bitmap with a photo editing software, by one pixel or by using the eye dropper tool and zoom tool to fill the discolored area.
sorry to be a downer.
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Old 22-11-2005, 10:00
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Well, it is not a bug per se. It is caused by anti-aliasing where all lines are blurred a bit at the edges to make them smoother and remove aliasing (pixelation). This is applied to all objects, including the ones at the edges of export region and that's why you have that one pixel fringe around your image.

As Shelby mentioned you can turn off anti-aliasing, but that would make all lines jagged or crop your image after you export.
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