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Old 27-04-2005, 13:43
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Default Arrange objects along a curve

It's rather easy to fit a text object to a curve. How can I arrange, say, 10 circles along a curve in similar fasion?
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Old 24-05-2005, 11:42
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Join Date: Nov 2002
Posts: 1,941
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There are three possible solutions to this problem, depending on what exactly is required.

If multiple copies of the same object need to be arranged along path, then it is done quite easily using blends on path. Here is how to arrange 50 small circles along a freehand curve in order for it to look like a pearl necklace (similar to that pictures on the following image - click to see a bigger picture)

  1. Create the original object. Apply fills/outlines/effects to it as required
  2. Duplicate the object using Ctrl-D, for example
  3. Use the Interactive Blend Tool or Effects>Blend docker to create a blend between the two objects. Use 48 steps in between (to produce 50 objects in total)
  4. Create an arbitrary curve to be used as a path for the objects
  5. Select the whole blend and drag it with the right mouse button and drop it exactly over the outline of the path. From the pop-up menu select Fit Blend To Path (or use the button on the Blend docker - the rightmost button right above the Apply)
  6. Now in the Blend docker select "Blend along full path" to spread pearls along the curve

If you have a set of different objects you can use text on path to distribute them over a curve.
  1. Create your objects
  2. Select the first object and copy it to clipboard
  3. Create your curve
  4. Use Artistic Text Tool and click it exactly over a curve (when you hover the mouse over your curve, the cursor changes to show that the text can be placed on curve.
  5. When flashing cursor appears, paste the copied object. It will be inserted as a text character
  6. Now select another object with the Pick tool, copy it to clipboard.
  7. Select the Text Tool, plant the cursor in the text on path and paste the new object inside.
  8. Repeat the above two steps for the rest of the objects

Finally the third option would be to use Fit Objects To Path which can automate the whole process...
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