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Old 27-04-2005, 12:22
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Default Fountain Fill changes when object is rotated

I create a rectangle and apply a horizontal fountain fill from black to white. Then I rotate the rectangle by 45° and notice that the fill changes. It no longer has a transition between pure black and pure white but instead something like dark gray to light gray. What's happening?
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Old 03-05-2005, 22:35
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CorelDRAW has two different ways of applying fountain fills - through the Fountain Fill dialoga as well as using the Interactive Fill tool. Interactive Fill tool was introduced in CorelDRAW 8 and Fountain Fill dialog was the only way to apply the fill in versions prior to that. Fills applied to object with the tool and dialog also behave a bit differently.

When a fountain fill is applied using the Fountain Fill dialog (without using the Interactive Fill Tool), the fill is drawn based on the bounding box of the selected object. When the fill goes from, say, black to white, then the black color will be at one end of the bounding box, and the white will be on the opposite. This is easy understand when the fill angle is 0° (horizontal). However when the fill is at an angle, then the color transition is built so that the begin/end of the fill are at the utmost points of bounding box when viewed at the given angle. For example, if the bounding box of the object is a square and fill goes diagonally at 45°, then it will start at lower left corner of the bounding box and end at the upper right corner.

When you apply a horizontal fill to a rectangle and then rotate the rectangle, the fill rotates with it too (fill angle is changed accordingly). However the bounding box of the rotated object changes too and the fill begins to appear differently. See the attached illustration.

Interactive Fill tool works differently in a sense that it actually attaches a fill vector to the object and the fill goes from the beginning of the vector to its end and is no longer relevant to the object's bounding box. So, when a fill has been applied to a rectangle with the Interactive Fill tool and the rectangle is rotated, the vector rotates along with the object and the rotated fill looks exactly the same way on the rotated rectangle as on the original one.

Hence, to fix the problem, before rotating an obect with fountain fill, select the object with the Interactive Fill tool to attach a fill vector to the object. Once it's done, you can rotate the object all you want and its fill will rotate with it without change of appearance.
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