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Old 25-01-2005, 14:18
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Default Select different printers in VBA

Hey guys, I'm creating an application in Access to automatically get data from a public SQL server and, once it's processed, distribute it to 3 different printers and run a report in a 4th one.
There is no user intervention unless paper is out or so and selecting printer is going to be data driven.
So far I can't find a way to change the default printer (unless showing the print dialog which is stupid since there will be no user intervention), every property i've found is read-only. Any ideas???
In the mean time I'll keep looking, may be I'll catch the answer before browse back here.
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Old 31-01-2005, 16:38
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you may have to tap into the Windows API to do it. Also, VB has a built in printers collection that may be available in VBA - not sure though.

go here: http://www.mentalis.org/agnet/apiguide.shtml
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Old 02-02-2005, 17:14
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Default Found

Ok, here is the result of my research: the only way i've found to change printers 'on the fly' to output different documents was using the PrintSettings.Load <filename.prs> property. This allow to load a set of print settings saved before and (apparently) is the only way to change the output printer by program. What I did is to use the set of system printers from VB(A) and save the selection in the registry so i can build and save my own .prs file just from my property's window and load it later when running the application.
This is very sad that something so "simple" like set a printer for a given document to output has to be worked around using long way tricks.

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