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Old 07-09-2006, 20:05
Blue Max
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Lightbulb Separate curve statistics tool ?

Some users do not need the complete CURVE WORKS tool, but would like a less expensive, separate version of the CURVE STATISTICS tool, already included as part of the CURVE WORKS tool. While recognizing that the current tool includes some of the subsequent features, we would like to suggest that any such tool include the following:

FIRST, allow the statistics to be reported in any desired standard units of Corel measure. This would accommodate every type of architectural, engineering, or other design need.

SECOND, provide an option that allows the reported units to properly reflect the current drawing scale. This would allow the user to calculate real-world measurements.

THIRD, provide an option to calculate the area of an object either including, or excluding, the object outline. This is especially important when the outline is very thick. Perhaps, both calculations could even be shown in the same information dialog.

FOURTH, allow the user to select multiple objects and show the combined perimeter and area for ALL objects in the currently selected group.

FIFTH, provide options for calculating the perimeter and area for both standard lines, shapes, or objects (such as lines, rectangles, ellipses, stars, polygons, etc.) and custom drawn lines, shapes, or objects.

SIXTH, allow an option to also calculate the area of a line, or the area of the actual outline (not the object) surrounding an object, versus its mere perimeter or length. This allows a user to factor in the area represented by the line or outline’s width when desired. For example, a user may be using lines of a specific width to represent roads or sidewalks scaled to a specific real-world width. This allows such novice users to calculate estimates for concrete or asphalt orders when designing a road, sidewalk, or pathway represented by lines. Note that there are many important reasons for not converting these roads, walkways, or paths into curved objects. This feature would also be related to item #3 above.

SEVENTH, allow the user to add a cubing or 3-D factor to the calculation. An example might be the proposed thickness of the concrete for a patio, so the user could estimate the cubic yards of concrete needed to build such a patio. This option would display an additional cubed area calculation in the information dialog, along with the standard squared area calculation. This would allow users to calculate or estimate information such as water volume in a pool or pond, yards of concrete in a patio or driveway, and yards of topsoil in a garden or planter. The user should be able to enter the cubing factor in any complimentary unit to the display unit. In other words, the user might enter a patio’s thickness in inches, but the cubed calculation would still display in cubic yards.

EIGHTH, allow these calculations to be appended to an object or group of objects as a CALLOUT dimension linked to the object or group of objects. Also allow the user to add a prefix or suffix to the calculated amount, such as concrete, asphalt, or topsoil. While an information dialog can provide many pieces of related information at one time, it is also important to be able to represent any one of those given calculations as a visual, printable measurement in the drawing.

NINTH, when calculating area, make appropriate adjustments to allow for objects that intersect themselves, have outlines that cross over themselves, and objects that contain holes.

Note that the suggestions above apply equally to other technical drawing areas and not just to areas of an architectural or engineering endeavor. Thank you for considering our request!

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Old 07-09-2006, 22:42
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Hmm, very interesting suggestion. I will see what I can do about that...
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