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Old 29-10-2004, 17:55
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Default how do i get a fixed ...

i am trying to get the ruler line horizontal and vertical alignment.ie
i have a program which draws a line on specified x and y cordinate.
and it work fine.as the document's starting origin position is 0,0

now when i go to my draw and right click on the ruler line settings and change the vertical origin to 11 so now the setting become 0,11 and the vertical ruler line gets inverted. with 0 on top

now whatver settings i selcect should reflect in my prgrama and draw the line excactly in the documentie withen the square
i tried using ActiveDocument.DrawingOriginX
but it did not work the way i wnat to. :?
please i am on last part and this needs to be done help me out with this
maybe i am not know some property which needs to be set.

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Old 29-10-2004, 18:44
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Default Re: how do i get a fixed ...

VBA methods do repsect the page origin:

Layer.CreateLineSegment 0,0, 5,0 - will create a horizontal line from the lower left corner of the page. However if you change DrawingOriginX/Y in the document, the same command will create a line starting at the specified point.

However when you set up your rulers the way you described, you will move the center of coordinates to the upper left corner of the page but the direction of Y axis doesn't change. Positive values still go up. The ruler just doesn't show the coordinates as negative, but that's what they will be. You will need to use negative coordinates, such as:

Layer.CreateLineSegment 0, -3, 5, -3

This will create a horizontal line 5 inches in length, 3 inches from the top of the page.

I hope this helps.
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