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Old 10-03-2003, 10:27
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Default administrator only? trial expires after 1 week!

Great program.

I've had some problems using the script under Win2000. I'm running CorelDraw11, but I can only access the scripts in Administrator mode, is there a reason for this? (The problem is that if we were to buy the program we can't let the guy who is using it log on in administrator mode). I logged on with his username and password, then installed the program in administrator mode, but it still wouldn't work, the program installed the scripts, but when running CorelDraw no bars or icons were displayed.

Also the trial expired after 1 week, which was not expected as it says two weeks. So now we can't test it any more

The program had some small bugs when writing a to high value, but it seemed to work ok if a more accurate value was set.

Hope you can help us,
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Old 10-03-2003, 23:32
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Default Re: administrator only? trial expires after 1 week!


In order to use the CurveWorks custom workspace under another user account, do the following:
  1. Log on as the Administrator
  2. Go to the following folder X:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Corel\Graphics11\User Workspace\CorelDRAW11 where X: is the drive where your Windows 2000 is installed and UserName is the user profile folder for the administrator (could be just "Administrator"). Note that the folder "Application Data is hidden, so you might want to enable Windows Explorer to show hidden files first, or type the folder name in the address bar to open it directly
  3. You will find a file named CurveWorks.cw_ and a subfolder named CurveWorks in it
  4. Select the file and the folder and copy them to the clipboard
  5. Go to the same location under the target user profile (replace UserName portion of the above path with the corresponding user name)
  6. Paste the copied files in there
  7. Log out and log in as the other user
  8. Launch CorelDRAW 11
  9. Go to Tools>Options
  10. In the workspace list activate CurveWorks workspace

This should do the trick. Or you can create your own toolbar in the current workspace and put all the CurveWorks macros on it. You can use the button bitmaps available from http://www.oberonplace.com/products/...x.htm#Download so you don't have to draw them yourself.

As far as the trial period is concerned, are you sure you haven't installed the program two weeks ago? I don't see any problems with the trial period here. It's 14 days since you installed it the first time. Also make sure you don't play with the system clock by setting them back and forth. This might trigger a defensive mechanism in the program and cause it to expire prematurely.

I hope this helps.
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