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Old 25-06-2007, 15:39
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Default v11 code in v13

In CD v11, I wrote a procedure to open an existing template. When it opens it is, as usual, zoomed to the whole page. Yet when I move the .gms to another machine running v13, it opens zoomed to the maximum zoom level. One setting in the procedure sets the scale to 1:27,000. Because I don't have access to the v13 machine, I can't really troubleshoot it.

Any ideas?
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Old 25-06-2007, 15:41
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Can you show the code that does this?
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Old 25-06-2007, 18:44
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Thanks Alex.

Note: this is in a module under 'Modules' in the Project Explorer window. It is fired from a Toolbar Item.
Also, I can't figure out whether I need 'newDoc.RestoreSettings'.

Public Sub OpenMap()
On Error Resume Next
Optimization = True
EventsEnabled = False

Dim newDoc As Document
Dim lrNew As Layer
Dim pgSize As String
Dim s As shape
'On Error GoTo BailOut

Set newDoc = CreateDocumentFromTemplate("C:\My Documents\Map\MapTemplate.cdt")
'Set newDoc = CreateDocument()
Set newDoc = ActiveDocument
newDoc.PreserveSelection = False

newDoc.Unit = cdrKilometer
newDoc.Rulers.HUnits = cdrKilometer
newDoc.Rulers.VUnits = cdrKilometer

'newDoc.WorldScale = 39525150
'newDoc.WorldScale = 40000000
newDoc.WorldScale = 27000000

Set lrNew = ActivePage.CreateLayer("Dot Layer")
'ActivePage.Layers("Dot Layer").Activate	'Not needed for some reason

pgSize = newDoc.PageSizes(2).Name	'Letter page size

pageHeight = newDoc.PageSizes(2).Height
pageWidth = newDoc.PageSizes(2).Width
newDoc.Pages(0).SetSize pageWidth, pageHeight

'The following 2 lines place the page origin at the bottom left hand corner
newDoc.DrawingOriginX = -newDoc.ActivePage.SizeWidth / 2
newDoc.DrawingOriginY = -newDoc.ActivePage.SizeHeight / 2
'Exit Sub

'Call DefineCursorType
Load frmDataEntry

newDoc.EditAcrossLayers = False
newDoc.ReferencePoint = cdrCenter
EventsEnabled = True
Optimization = False
'////--Error Trap Begin--////--////--Error Trap Begin--////--////--Error Trap Begin--////--////
Exit Sub

    Dim MyError, msg
    ' First, strip off the constant added by the object to indicate one
    ' of its own errors.
    MyError = Err.Number - vbObjectError
    ' If you subtract the vbObjectError constant, and the number is still
    ' in the range 0-65,535, it is an object-defined error code.
    If MyError > 0 And MyError < 65535 Then
        msg = "The object you accessed assigned this number to the error: " _
                 & MyError & ". The originator of the error was: " _
                & Err.Source & ". Press F1 to see originator's Help topic."
    ' Otherwise it is a Visual Basic error number.
        msg = "This error (# " & Err.Number & ") is a Visual Basic error" & _
                " number. Press Help button or F1 for the Visual Basic Help" _
                & " topic for this error."
    End If
        MsgBox msg, , "Object Error", Err.HelpFile, Err.HelpContext
    '    MsgBox "Err.Number = " & Err.Number & vbCrLf & _
    '         "Err.Description = " & Err.Description
'////--Error Trap End--////--////--////--Error Trap End--////--////--////--Error Trap End--////--////

End Sub

Last edited by diwin; 25-06-2007 at 18:49.
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Old 26-06-2007, 05:36
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I think you can ensure a correct zoom level by adding the code:
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Old 26-06-2007, 12:02
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No, your problem is that you are setting the page size after changing the units of measurements.

Document.PageSizes method is deprecated and should not be used. Instead, you should be using Application.PageSizes. However the page size returned by this will be in units specified by the Application.Units and not Document.Units. As a result, you'll get a Letter page size of 8.5 x 11 because Application.Unit is set to cdrInch. However when you call Page.SetSize they are interpreted as kilometers.

Just set the page size before you change the document units to kilometers.
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Old 26-06-2007, 18:43
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Thanks Alex.
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