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Old 30-11-2004, 17:19
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Default Storing User Preferences

I am currently working on a number of scripts that I would like to store User Preferences. My current technique is to have the script create a text file and save it in the GMS directory using the File System Object. Like this:

Dim fs, objTextStream

Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objTextStream = fs.CreateTextFile(GMSManager.GMSPath & "OBCNconfig.ini", True) 'Creates the Preference Text File

objTextStream.WriteLine txtPath ' Adds Users Preference for Path to be searched
objTextStream.WriteLine chkSearchSubDir 'Adds Users Preference for Searching SubFolders
I was just wondering if this is the best way to handle this, or if anyone had any other thoughts? Thanks for the tips.
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Old 23-02-2005, 07:29
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Could someone please help with this? I really need an answer about how to accomplish this.

I'm sorry I didn't log in on my original post. I wrote it at home.
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Old 14-06-2005, 09:13
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You do not want to read/write/edit ini files using raw read/writes availiable in the filesystem object, it is far too hard to do so effectively, as the FSO is pretty primitive.

There are any number of open-source INI classes around written in VB. It is trivial to add them to your project.
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Old 14-06-2005, 13:21
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The easiest way would be to use VBA's registry access functions - SaveSetting, GetSetting:

To save your value, use SaveSetting:

Dim NumCopies As Integer
NumCopies = 2
SaveSetting "MyCoolMacro", "Preferences", "NumberOfCopies", NumCopies
To read it back later:

Dim NumCopies As Integer
NumCopies = Val(GetSetting("MyCoolMacro", "Preferences", "NumberOfCopies", "3"))
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