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Old 14-08-2006, 22:06
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Default Eps version that coreldrawX3 can import.

Hi there,

Can anyone tell me which version of eps files can be imported/edited
in coreldraw X3?

ie. can coreldraw x3 import an eps file created in adobe illustrator cs2?

I receive eps files from customers and sometimes cannot open/edit
them in coreldraw 12.

Just checking to see whether its necessary to upgrade my illustrator
version aswell!

Thanks for your help.
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Old 16-08-2006, 16:12
Michael Cervantes
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Default Illustrator CS

Illustrator is PDF. You could use DrawX3 PDF filter to import Illustrator files.

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Old 16-08-2006, 20:38
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You should get the scripts for copy and paste .ai, .eps and .pdf and see if that helps you. Upgrading with Adobe isn't cheap.

Wow, you know what, they have a Property Bar now, they had tried it out in Photoshop and now Illustrator has one. After how many years that DRAW has had this? Of course, DRAW's is still more useful. Oh my gosh, it is really weird. How many times has DRAW been criticized for being so user friendly that anyone can use it? But it is not a "Property Bar", it is an "Information Bar."

I'm sorry, but if you can get the most out of a program, you aren't stupid, no matter what, it isn't a selling point that something should be more difficult to prove it is superior.

Imagine buying a car that way. "Oh, yes, you have to jack the engine up four inches to reach the rear spark plugs to change them." That option wasn't such a selling point after a while either.

Sometimes I have a feeling like with the trouble I have had with my service bureau's upgrade to InDesign CS2 which won't recognize any .pdf made in any version of DRAW, that Adobe doesn't like DRAW. Oh, my did I say that? It wouldn't surprise me. Does anyone else have this problem? I do have Distiller but it is loads more convoluted to navigate through it.
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Old 16-08-2006, 22:09
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Thanks for your replies.

I DID work out that the later versions of the ai files are actually PDFs.
Alot of the time when i need the vector out of the ai, i just
open the ai (renamed to pdf) in acrobat reader, and print to file
and open the ps file in coreldraw. Sweet!!

But eps files are something different, not pdfs. Some people are
intent on using eps files (for some unknown reason!) Its annoying
for me and them if i keep asking for files to be resent.

Totally agree with adobe not being 'helpful' to corel!!
(and its us that suffer!, as if we gonna change our preferred
program to suit a file format!) That battle has been evident
in most all the versions of corel/ adobe!

I just thought someone who owns both or recieves files from
adobe cs2 could confirm that what version of eps files can be
opened by coreldraw x3.

I didnt wanna have to toll call Corel America tech support as
I am in NZ (no corel support line down here!) :(

Attn: sallybode, i dont know what these scripts for copy paste ai,
eps, pdf are?! Would you kindly direct me to when i can get these?

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Old 17-08-2006, 10:28
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Here you go, it is at the main OberonPlace.com site, under the scripts for 10, 11, 12 & X3.

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Old 17-08-2006, 16:23
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Thanks sallybode,

I finally got these to work (pays to read instructions!).

These scripts will come in handy im sure, unfortunately
it has not helped me.

I will carry on looking, thanks again for your replies.

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Old 17-08-2006, 20:31
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The way the scripts work is if Adobe Illustrator is open and has an .eps file on its desktop, you can copy and paste it into CorelDRAW via using the script. The scripts are so handy, I have made some custom toolbars so that I can have instant access to the script and not have to go and run the script and look it up from the VBA toolbar.

Or you can assign them keyboard shortcuts. It takes just a wee bit longer to do the buttons and the advantage is that you can hover them if you forget what the buttons do and you can see what they are. Whereas I can tell you my memory for keyboard shortcuts for more than just the things I use constantly are limited. Buttons are easier and then there are no conflicts. I had a few associations I had sadly overridden in DRAW and had to F8 it on boot and lost a lot of settings until I got wise and learned how to save my workspace. I really like that. If something does go awry, it is a snap to get it back.

On the renaming issue: have had some files come in that I know what they are, usually zip files, and they will say ".zip" and then the computer adds on to them ".dat", which it of course, does not recognize. This is a common error when going from MAC to PC, but the wierd thing is that it has even happened with .pdf files.

DRAW users are nice and friendly and very helpful that I have met in the forums, just really great people. Down to earth, explain things.

I know one Illustrator user who is that way, helpful. So that gives me hope.

Before chucking out a young fortune do a couple of trial downloads and see if the new programs solve anything, because if the trouble lies elsewhere, you haven't spent for what isn't going to work.

If you have a fast connection, I've downloaded the X3 upgrade and gave it a trial, I was ever so pleased to purchase it.

My last version of Illustrator at home is 10, at work I have CS and CS2.

Is Illustrator as much of a pain to use on a MAC as well, or is it just the PC version that is so un-user friendly? Illustrator 8 was the last version I even liked.
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