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Old 24-11-2004, 16:27
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Default CD 10, VBA not returning true outline width

Anyone encountered the problem in CD10 VBA where an outline that started out as not scaleable is rescaled, then set to scale with image will show it's true width in the task bar, but VBA will not return the true width?

For example. I have a rectangle and apply a 5mm thick outline around it.

The task bar and VBA (OLWidth = ActiveShape.Outline.Width) will show the outline as 5mm. OLWidth will = 5mm

Rescale the rectangle and the task bar and VBA still show 5mm outline width.

Now, change the outline to "scale with image", and the task bar will still show 5mm, but VBA will return something like 12.5mm.

Changing the outline back to not scaleable and the task bar and VBA will show 5mm. OLWidth will = 5mm

Anyone seen this? Anyone know a way around it? ATM I'm looping through all shapes, checking if outlines are scale with image and temporarily changing them to scale with image if they aren't, getting the width attribute then changing them back.

Unless there is a bug in CD10 VBA, there must be a more direct way.

I'll have to push the boss a bit harder for CD12 I think (or is it 13 now?)
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Old 24-11-2004, 17:09
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Default Re: CD 10, VBA not returning true outline width

Yes, there might be a bug in VBA code which doesn't handle scaled outlines properly. However as I mentioned earler, CorelDRAW 11 and 12 does seem to work correctly (at least according to my tests). So, push harder on your boss
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