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Old 27-04-2005, 11:23
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Default Separate a text object into individual lines/words/characters?

I have a text object (Artistic Text or Paragraph Text). Is there a way to convert it so that each line, word, or character is actually a separate text object? That is, if I have a text object "Test", I want to have four separate text obejcts "T","e","s","t" without having to create them manually?
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Old 16-04-2007, 21:14
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Default Breaking Paragraph Text vs. Artistic Text

If you only have one word types and you hit "Ctrl+K" your word is broken up by the letters. However, if you have an entire sentence and use "Ctrl+K", your sentence is broken up as each word, repeat "Ctrl+K" and you get broken apart individual letters again. In a paragraph, it works the same way: from a paragraph, apply "Ctrl+K" once you get individual lines, again you get individual words, again you get individual letters. This works the same for artistic and paragraph text.

You can also reverse it, you can reassemble what is broken selecting them in the order you want them assembled, normally left to right as you read with "Ctrl+L". This does the opposite of the above, as you can reassemble indiviual letters to form words, then words to form sentences and then sentences to form paragraphs.
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