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Old 22-06-2017, 03:33
aakkaarr aakkaarr is offline
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Default how to find maximum value of multiple variables

how to find maximum value of multiple variables
variables x1, x2, x3, x4, x5........xN

how to find the maximum in above variables
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Old 22-06-2017, 08:39
shark shark is offline
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There are two ways to solve the problem. First - use arrays instead of regular variables. Instead x1 = 5, x2 = 3, x3 = 10 etc. use Ar(1) = 5, Ar(2) = 3, Ar(3) = 10. Then the maximum value can be calculated as follows:
Max = 0
For i = 1 to 3
    If Ar(i) > Max Then Max = Ar(i)
MsgBox "Maximum value is " & Max
Second way - use function with ParamArray:

Private Function Max(ParamArray ar())
Dim z%, Mx%
    Mx = 0
    For z = 0 To UBound(ar)
        If ar(z) > Mx Then Mx = ar(z)
    Max = Mx
End Function
Then the maximum value among the other variables can be calculated by calling one function
Dim x1%, x2%, x3%, x4%
    x1 = 10: x2 = 5: x3 = 20: x4 = 15
    MsgBox "Maximum value is " & Max(x1, x2, x3, x4)
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