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Old 27-08-2007, 01:52
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Default Monitor view of full frame V resampled image view.


I am using PhotoPaint12 and with which I am reasonably familiar.

For web uploads and web presentation physical sizes are generally pretty small and I guess most of my image editing work is in "what you see is what you get." No problems at all.

For printing I need to work much larger files. My slide and negative scan files are up to around 7900x5300pixels, and TIFF off the scannner can get up around 240Megbyte.

The problem I have, is that the large files appear very grainy and that grain stays in place even when I 'View/Fit in window'. This isnt film grain, I am just trying to describe. If I resample the image down to say 800x530pix the image is smooth on screen and I can accurately assess colour, contrast and sharpening. Particularly assessing sharpening and shadow detail in the larger files, is impossible.

If I print the large file, at any size, large or small within a reasonable ppi, then those grainly looking images print quite smoothly. It is only the screen view that is a problem because I cant see past the cranky image to edit effectively.

Can anyone tell me why, and what I can do about it?

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Old 27-08-2007, 08:38
Michael Cervantes
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Default View

Are you scanning printed images?

Printed images are composed by dots, we don't see them, but the scanner does. You need to eliminate moire. Photo Paint has an effect for it under Noise effects.

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Old 27-08-2007, 18:59
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Firstly, this isnt an issue that I come across with other editing programs. I prefer Corel for what I am doing I find it a far better user tool.

I am scanning slide and negative.
The following might help explain a bit.
Images obviously compressed to comply with upload limit.

This is a screen print of the orignial scan which has been viewed to fit. The image isnt resampled down to this size. Purely zoom size and screen shot. This is what I see in Corel and what I have to try to edit if I want to retain the file size for printing. It is still 7900 pixels wide and original file size. The screen shot only has been compressed to upload limits.
Name:  1.jpg
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This is a crop of the 100% to show the graininess I am talking about. Even working at 100% there is no way to addequately assess the image.
Name:  2.jpg
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Size:  82.6 KB

If I resample the image from 7900 to 800 wide then this is what i get. The image is quite clear and I can see details well enough to begin editing. This is fine if I only want to do web uploads. But he file is now only 800 pixels wide.
Name:  3.jpg
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