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Old 19-08-2005, 17:00
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Default Sort/Order by position

I use Corel for Laser Engraving. When I have a picture with a lot of paths (subpaths?), the laser will cut each one, but it follows the order, and will hop all over the place. I've rearranged the order of a simple one by hand, but there'd be no way to do that on a large one. (man that took a long time)

Is there some code I can use that will look at the graphic pieces and maybe start in the upper left and find the end node, then find the next closest start node then work around until all are done, even if there's hopping at the end. Or, just look at the start nodes and work from the upper left to the lower right or whatever... I'm not looking for a miracle fix, only looking for an easier way to stream line. Doesn't have to be perfect.

I don't know how to keep track of the paths, unless you can add all to a range and remove them when you're done, and work your way through until all are used.

And it's cunfusing to start a plan, because I realize it's not going to be exact, there'd be no way to make it perfect without calculating the travel for all the combinations (eeeek). There will always be hopping, some more than others.

Any help would be appreciated. (or does Corel have some native tool that's close. I'm new to corel, but old to VBA, that's why I go there first)

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Old 20-08-2005, 09:02
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did you try to ask the question to support team of laser engraving software developer? I assume that software of such high class MUST implement optimizations of source file in order to minimize unnecessary movement of hardware...
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Old 20-08-2005, 11:26
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Red face Easy Solution

Try This but make sure you save a backup first. (Ctrl Z should Undo.)
The following will take whatever you have selected and make it one object.
I would think that should accomplish the hopping all over issue.

Sub CombineStuff()
ActiveDocument.BeginCommandGroup "Combine Stuff"
With ActiveSelection
End Wtih
End Sub

HTH, Andy
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Old 20-08-2005, 12:25
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hi Shaddy,

As a previous laser engraver and salesman myself, I know our lasers have a sorting function for the items in a layout. What brand of laser are you using?

I am guessing what you want to do is sort the layout and engrave it starting from the upper left corner... Corel outputs its object to the laser in the order they were created. This is why this is happening.

Let me know what brand you are using and I may be able to help you out.

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Old 20-08-2005, 20:01
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Didn't work Xombie. Bummer, I was hoping.

The "printer" driver does have a Vector Sorting option. But it's used for things like, cutting the inside circle before cutting the outside one, so everything stays in place. At least, that's what it says it does. And mine is enabled. I have an Epilog 24TT. I know that if I change the sort order in Corel, it changes how it's cut.

Maybe I'll check for a driver update. So as far as you know, there isn't already a macro that will change it based on position?

OK, thanks anyways guys.

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Old 21-08-2005, 06:33
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I assume you are only concerned with the order for vector cutting right?
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Old 21-08-2005, 13:03
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Yes, just for vector cutting.
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