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Old 22-10-2005, 02:16
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Default irregular charater spacing w paragraph text

Hi all,

I don't recall this having been like this so I thought I'd ask the group.
When I have paragraph text and an Just mark a few words to change
the inter character spacing - this change is always valid for the whole
paragraph text's frame and not just for the marked letters.

Can anyone comment this and maybe tell me if I accidentally hit a wrong
switch somewhere ?

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Old 22-10-2005, 11:49
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With your text selected go to the format docker, under the character tab change the values in the Range kerning.
I believe this is what your wanting
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Old 22-10-2005, 11:58
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Indeed .. thanks for pointing me to it. There are still strange things going on in draw and I guess I found a bug:

Inter Character Spacing:

Try this:
Pull open a pragraph frame. Enter e.g. 5 short paragraphs (one word
each paragraph will do).

Doubleclick paragraph 3 so that it is completely selected - then
change the spacing. All is fine.

Now do it differently:
Select paragraph 3 completely by holding the mousebutton and moving the
mouse from the beginning of the paragraph (left) to the end (right).
Change the spacing. Again .. all is fine.

Different again:
Same as before but select from right to left. Change the spacing.
What happens here is that the paragraph above also changes
its spacing.

Can you confirm?
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Old 22-10-2005, 12:07
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I could nbot replicate. But that is not to say there isnt a problem or a problem with me I rarely if ever use these features for my work. Have just started messing around with other uses for DRAW.
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