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Old 16-08-2007, 06:41
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Default Path Tool - Joining

I do quite a bit of photo editing and im stumped as to how i solve this problem.

The majority of my editing is of people and removing the background so i just have their face. Im using the path tool to create a path around that person and then creating a mask from that path, i find this works the best for me.

However the problem is when i accidentally miss out a node when i zoom or something which results in a "break" in the path, i usually don't notice this and when i get to the end of the path i cant close it. To demonstrate this ive mocked up a small scale:

What i want to do is continue the path from node 2 to node 3 however i can only connect node 2 to node 1 any ideas?


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Old 28-11-2007, 11:42
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Default Path Tool - Joining

One should be able to draw another Path Segment connecting the nodes in question, then select both, sometimes, if the nodes line exactly with each other they are joined then, other times one has to click the Join selected nodes button and sometimes the Add Nodes button
Should work
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Old 30-11-2007, 12:32
Harry Harry is offline
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Default Path joining (cont'd)

As well as selecting the old and new lines, you need to Arrange : Combine (or control-L) to make them part of the same object.

Grouping the lines does not achieve this, they must be combined.

It helps if you can remember which direction you were drawing at the time you missed the segment because if you draw it in the opposite direction the nodes will probably need manual joining at both ends of the line. If you get it right they may join by themselves, or autoclose may work.
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Old 03-12-2007, 16:54
Michael Cervantes
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Default Nodes

With the Path tool active, click on top of one end node, drag and click in any area close to the node you want to join.

Change pointer to Shape in Path Tool Property Bar. Click hold this node and drag it on top of the node you want to join.
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