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Old 17-07-2006, 23:34
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Default Color for selected vectors?

is there a way to configure DRAW so that the vectors that you select would change color while they are selected? for example, if i were working in wireframe mode and i had many shapes to work with, i would like a better visual reprisentation of what vectors i have selected. i think illustrator works this way and some of the other software i use does it this way, im just very used to it.

on another note, i just found this forum and was excited to see such a talented group of corel draw users all in one place. i appreciate any tips you guys could give me.

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Old 17-07-2006, 23:42
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Default Highlight Selected

Tools| Customize| Workspace| Display| Highlight outline for selected objects.

It kinda changes it to a dotted or dashed line. I would really like to have the ability to customize to a color, but this is all we get for now. (Of course we might be able to script something.)

Good luck,

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Old 17-07-2006, 23:47
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hey shelby, thanks for the quick reply. that will work just great for me!

i swear i did search the options before i asked, lol, i guess im just blind.

thanks again
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Old 24-07-2006, 20:16
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I was reading my big 12 DRAW book the other day and noticed something I didn't know DRAW did. In AutoCAD, their versions of layers is that it turns the lines drawn on those layers the color of the assigned layer. Now DRAW does something similar, in Object Manager, click on the word "Layer" or whatever you have named it, then you can right click and at the bottom, select "Properties", under Properties, you can change the color of the layer. It does not effect how the layer prints, but will change the color of the line in Wireframe mode. Whereas the highlighting the shape you are editing may still be turned on, it is harder to see. So if you like CAD, it might be something you may enjoy trying.
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