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Old 14-09-2005, 11:56
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Unhappy CorelDRAW 12 ExportBitmap

I'm upgrading my application from Corel DRAW 11 to 12 and exporting a Tiff file no longer works the same. I attempted to record the process of exporting a Tiff with the same options as I did manually and the files are not the same. As near as I can tell the recorded code does not include the thumbnail information.

Here is the recorded code
    Dim OrigSelection As ShapeRange
    Set OrigSelection = ActiveSelectionRange
    Dim expflt As ExportFilter
    Dim pal As StructPaletteOptions
    Set pal = New StructPaletteOptions
    With pal
        .PaletteType = cdrPaletteUniform
        .DitherType = cdrDitherNone
    End With
    Set expflt = ActiveDocument.ExportBitmap("C:\Temp\Avatar_Script.tif", cdrTIFF, cdrSelection, cdrPalettedImage, 1200, 1073, 200, 200, cdrNormalAntiAliasing, False, False, True, False, cdrCompressionLZW, pal)
And the resultant file is attached along with the manual file.

I know the record function is lacking but I cannot find any reference to fixing the problem.

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Old 14-09-2005, 12:50
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What do you mean by thumbnail information? I don't think that the recording is lacking anything as far as export is concerned. It should record everything correctly. But if it doesn't then there is a problem.

Can you explain more what is the difference in the resulting file between your manual export and the one produced through automation?
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Old 14-09-2005, 14:00
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I guess the files didn't upload.

Try these;


You will see there is a significant difference in both the file size and if you dump it to a hex editor or even notepad you will see a significant difference in the harder of each file. Both files were exported from the same CorelDRAW source file.
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Old 14-09-2005, 15:15
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So I went back and used my old code from CorelDRAW 11

Dim opt As New StructExportOptions

With opt
    .AntiAliasingType = cdrNormalAntiAliasing
    .Compression = cdrCompressionLZW
    .Dithered = False
    .ImageType = cdrGrayscaleImage
    .MaintainAspect = False
    .MaintainLayers = False
    .Overwrite = True
    .ResolutionX = 200
    .ResolutionY = 200
    .SizeX = 2000
    .SizeY = 1580
    .Transparent = False
    .UseColorProfile = False
End With

ActiveDocument.Export "C:\temp\Avatar.tif", cdrTIFF, cdrCurrentPage, opt
And it produces the same file automated as is does manually with all of the necessary header information.

So I'm assuming we are still seeing a problem with the record function?
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