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Old 21-02-2010, 21:09
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Default creating folder if folder doesn't exist

I'm creating a folder if a folder doesn't exist and resuming macro. It seems to work fine on my machine but having trouble on other users machine and not sure why. It goes to line 005 (see code).

Here's a chunk of code clipped. Any ideas, suggestions, or better approach would be appreciated.

saveFold = frmMain.txtPath.Value

    If CorelScriptTools.FileAttr(saveFold) = 16 Then
        'do nothing
        Dim answ1 As Integer
        answ1 = MsgBox("Folder does not exist. Would you like to create it?", vbOKCancel)
        If answ1 = vbOK Then
            'create folder and continue
            Dim foldNew As String
            If CorelScriptTools.MkFolder(saveFold) Then
                'do nothing and continue with sub
                frmMain.txtPath.Value = frmMain.txtPath.Value & "\" 'add backslash.
                If Right(frmMain.txtPath.Value, 2) = "\\" Then
                    frmMain.txtPath.Value = Left(frmMain.txtPath.Value, Len(frmMain.txtPath.Value) - 1) ' remove double backslash
                End If
                saveFold = frmMain.txtPath.Value
'error 005
                MsgBox "Unable to create folder. Please check path and User Permissions", vbCritical
            End If
        ElseIf answ1 = vbCancel Then
            'exit sub
            Exit Sub
            'exit sub
            Exit Sub
        End If
    End If
    SaveSetting "myMacro", "Preferences", "path", frmMain.txtPath.Value
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