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Old 23-10-2003, 04:41
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Default Converting objects color properties

Hi all,
I would like to be able to select all the objects in a document and convert their properties to CMYK at the same time. I have tried with the text below but it isn't working. I'm fairly certain that its possible and very easy to do. Could anybody please help a useless programmer.

Many Thanks

Also while i'm asking. I would like to select all objects of a certain color. I know it can be done because there is a find object wizard. I'm guessing that there is some code that can replicate this.

Set q = CorelDRAW.ActiveSelection
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Old 23-10-2003, 10:03
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Default Re: Converting objects color properties

It is not as easy as it may sound. There is no one-shot command which would find objects by their fill or outline colors but you can do it fairly easily yourself. You can take a look at Oberon Color Replacer which does exactly that - going through all objects and replacing one color with another.

Here is a simplified version of the code using in the Color Replacer macro which goes through all objects and converts fill and outline colors to CMYK:

Public Sub ConvertAllColorsToCMYK()
    ConvertShapes ActivePage.Shapes
End Sub

Private Sub ConvertShapes(ss As Shapes)
    Dim s As Shape
    For Each s In ss
        Select Case s.Type
            Case cdrTextShape, cdrRectangleShape, cdrPolygonShape, _
                 cdrLinearDimensionShape, cdrEllipseShape, cdrCurveShape, _
                 cdrConnectorShape, cdrBitmapShape
                ConvertShapeColors s
            Case cdrGroupShape
                ConvertShapes s.Shapes
        End Select
        On Error Resume Next
        If Not s.PowerClip Is Nothing Then
            ConvertShapes s.PowerClip.Shapes
        End If
    Next s
End Sub

Private Sub ConvertShapeColors(s As Shape)
    Dim c As FountainColor
    ' 1. Convert Fill colors
    Select Case s.Fill.Type
        Case cdrUniformFill
            ConvertColor s.Fill.UniformColor
        Case cdrPatternFill
            ConvertColor s.Fill.Pattern.FrontColor
            ConvertColor s.Fill.Pattern.BackColor
        Case cdrFountainFill
            ConvertColor s.Fill.Fountain.StartColor
            ConvertColor s.Fill.Fountain.EndColor
            For Each c In s.Fill.Fountain.Colors
                ConvertColor c.Color
            Next c
    End Select
    ' 2. Convert outline color
    If s.Outline.Type = cdrOutline Then
        ConvertColor s.Outline.Color
    End If
End Sub

Private Sub ConvertColor(c As Color)
End Sub
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