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Old 11-09-2004, 19:26
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Default Wish to Convert Named Colors to Shape Color

During importation of data (via VBA macros) I need to create shapes in specific colors as defined by pre-generated data. These colors are generated at textual colors eg color imported as "Green", "Red", "Black" etc.

The shapes (rectangles, ellipses, text) are easily created but previous methods by settings colors has been:

Select Case Color
Case "Black"
ActiveShape.Fill.UniformColor.RGBAssign 0, 0, 0
Case "Blue"
ActiveShape.Fill.UniformColor.RGBAssign 0, 0, 255
Case "Red"
ActiveShape.Fill.UniformColor.RGBAssign 255, 0, 0
(and so on)
End Select

This method was ok when 2 colors were initially introduced but has become to cumbersome with greater number of colors being used and also having to know colors prior for inclusion to above method (so macro can be updated to accommodate new color).

Is there a methodology to utilise the "color" directly. I have tried several ways but with no success.

I look forward to any help that may come this way.

Best Regards,
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Old 12-09-2004, 11:08
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Default Re: Wish to Convert Named Colors to Shape Color


You can look through colors in the current palette and find the color by its name. You just need to open the proper palette that contains the colors that you have and set it as a default palette.

Here is a function that finds a color by its name in the current palette and returns the color found:

Function GetColorByName(ByVal Name As String) As Color
    Dim cRet As Color
    Dim c As Color
    Set cRet = Nothing
    For Each c In ActivePalette.Colors
        If c.Name = Name Then
            Set cRet = c
            Exit For
        End If
    Next c
    If cRet Is Nothing Then
        MsgBox "Color '" & Name & "' is not found. Using black", vbExclamation
        Set cRet = CreateCMYKColor(0, 0, 0, 100)
    End If
    Set GetColorByName = cRet
End Function
Here is how you can use the function to apply a specific color to an object:

Sub TestColor()
    ActiveShape.Fill.ApplyUniformFill GetColorByName("Ice Blue")
End Sub
I hope this is what you are looking for...
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