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Old 28-03-2005, 10:15
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Default List names of files located in a folder

I have looked for info to do this, but couldn't find any specific examples:

I want to create a form to list the files located in a folder. The user can then select a name from the list, which opens that file and the macro will proceed to do its work with that file.

Could someone spare some time to show me some code examples? If I can get the basics, then I can modify to suit.

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Old 31-03-2005, 16:14
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Default List Files

First a file array function...

Function FileArray(Path As String)
    Dim Name As String, Counter As Integer, Files() As String
    Name = Dir(Path, vbReadOnly)
    Counter = 0
    Do While Name <> ""
        If Name <> "." And Name <> ".." Then
            ReDim Preserve Files(Counter)
            Files(Counter) = Name
            Counter = Counter + 1
        End If
        Name = Dir
    FileArray = Files()
End Function
Then the form...

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
    Dim Files As Variant, NewDocument As Variant, Folder As String
    Folder = "C:\Path\"  ' ENTER PATH HERE
    Files = FileArray(Folder)
    For Each NewDocument In Files
       FileList.AddItem NewDocument 'ASSUMING U HAVE A LISTBOX FileList IN THE FORM
End Sub

Private Sub OK_Click()
    Dim Folder As String
    Folder = "C:\Path\"  ' ENTER PATH HERE
    OpenDocument (Folder + FileList.Value)
    Unload Me
End Sub
That should work...
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