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Old 22-08-2007, 18:19
Craig Tucker
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Default Rotation and PowerClip

Hi All,
I've got an image already imported into a shape and I'm trying to powerclip it into another shape (which is a trapezoid rotated at x degree) and when I powerclip in, it is chopping off the top part of the image because the center of the shape on a horizontal plane is not the center of the trapezoid...
Now that's clear is mud - so I try to rotate the trapezoid shape back to 0 degree, powerclip, then rotate back and I get an error... Here's a clip of the code. There's probably a better way - I've tried a few to no avail... Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks much,

For Each lolayer2 In mPage.Layers
lnRotation = 0
lcLayerType = UCase(Left(lolayer2.Name, 3))
If lcLayerType = "RL_" Then
lnRotation = Mid(lolayer2.Name, 4)
Set sc = Nothing
Set sc = lolayer2.FindShape("QC" & Mid(lcLookFor, 3))
If Not sc Is Nothing Then
Set sPCClone = mCorel.ActiveSelection.Clone

(Here, if you rotate before you powerclip - Corel Errors???)

sc.Rotate (-lnRotation)
sPCClone.AddToPowerClip (sc)
sc.Rotate (lnRotation)
Set sc = Nothing
Set sPCClone = Nothing
End If
End If
Next lolayer2
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Old 23-08-2007, 14:02
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why do you use .Clone method? it is not the same as .Duplicate. If you need ordinary copy of the object then use .Duplicate:

Set sc = lolayer2.FindShape("QC" & Mid(lcLookFor, 3))
If Not sc Is Nothing Then
   set sPCClone=sc.Duplicate
p.s. in 99.9% cases one can use direct shape manipulation methods instead of .ActiveSelection
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Old 23-08-2007, 14:35
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Default PowerClip

If I understand what you are saying this works for me. I did simplify everything like taking out your For Next loop. I also agree with wOxxOm Clone is not what you want to use.
Sub myTrapezoid()
    Dim dblRotation As Double
    Dim sShape As Shape
    Dim sTrapezoid As Shape
    Set sShape = ActivePage.FindShape(Name:="myShape")
    Set sTrapezoid = ActivePage.FindShape(Name:="myTrapezoid")
    dblRotation = sTrapezoid.RotationAngle
    sTrapezoid.RotationAngle = 0
    sShape.AddToPowerClip sTrapezoid
    sTrapezoid.RotationAngle = dblRotation
End Sub
Best of luck,

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Old 23-08-2007, 17:31
Craig Tucker
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Default Best way?

Hi wOxxOm and Shelby,
Thanks a ton for your responses-and they are very helpful. I probably should have asked this first for maybe even a better solution.

Here's my delima: I have 3 trapezoid shapes rotated 60%, 180%, and 240% respectively in a circle. I want to import 3 images (jpg could be landscape or portrait) and power clip them into the trapezoids so the pictures completely fill the trapezoid and all the images facing the center of a circle.

Once the trapezoid has been rotated, the center point is different than when it is at 0% - so I was trying to rotate back to 0, powerclip, then rotate back; but maybe that's not the best way (then you have the whole portait issue of not filling the whole trapezoid too)

Thanks much for you help,
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