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Old 01-07-2014, 13:24
LeonoCoder LeonoCoder is offline
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Exclamation Getintersections - crash CorelDraw

CorelDraw X7 (32 and 64 bits) crashes when you try to get the intersections of two segments of one curve (example: segment 1 and segment 2)
- It does not crash if you get the intersections between two segments of two different curves.
- It does not crash with CorelDraw X7 17.0 or older versions
- error module: vgcore.dll

Sub Test()
 'Draw a rectangle or an ellipse and convert to curves first.
 Dim seg1 As Segment, seg2 As Segment
 Dim cps As CrossPoints, cp As CrossPoint
 Dim x As Double, y As Double
 If ActiveShape Is Nothing Then
  MsgBox "Nothing selected", vbCritical
  Exit Sub
 End If
 If ActiveShape.Type <> cdrCurveShape Then
  MsgBox "Select a curve", vbCritical
  Exit Sub
 End If
 If ActiveShape.Curve.Segments.Count < 2 Then
  MsgBox "The curve must have more than 1 segments", vbCritical
  Exit Sub
 End If
 Set seg1 = ActiveShape.Curve.SubPaths(1).Segments(1)
 Set seg2 = ActiveShape.Curve.SubPaths(1).Segments(2)
 Set cps = seg1.GetIntersections(seg2) ' HERE CORELDRAW X7 CRASHES
 For Each cp In cps
  ActiveLayer.CreateEllipse2 cp.PositionX, cp.PositionY, 0.05
 Next cp
 MsgBox cps.Count & " intersection point(s) found"
End Sub

Last edited by LeonoCoder; 02-07-2014 at 16:33.
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