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Old 05-07-2003, 12:43
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Default How do I reference ArtisticText objects? "Shape Index o


Thanks for your time.

I need to reference a text object so that I can use its properties. But this...

Set shp = CorelDRAW.ActiveDocument.ActivePage.ActiveLayer.Shapes("Speaker1")
Always gives me the "Shape Index is Out of Range" error - although Speaker1 exisits.

Strangely this...

sName_Graphic = "Speaker" & iSpeaker & "_Icon"

Set shpGraphic = drwApp.ActivePage.ActiveLayer.Shapes(sName_Graphic)
works when trying to reference a powerclip object.

What's the difference?

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Old 10-07-2003, 15:59
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Default Re: How do I reference ArtisticText objects? "Shape Ind

I hope you have an object with the Name "Speaker1" (as set in Object Manager), so when you select this object, CorelDRAW reports in its status bar "Speaker1 selected on Layer 1" or something like that. If you have just a text object which has "Speaker1" text in it, this won't work.

If you do have an object named "Speaker1", then make sure it is not part of a group, and, obviously, it is on the current layer (because you used ...ActiveLayer.Shapes...).

If the object is within a group, then you will need to use FindShape instead of Shapes collection. This method can iterrate inside groups:

Set shp = ActiveLayer.Shapes.FindShape("Speaker1")
This is for CorelDRAW 11. In CorelDRAW 10, FindShape method is not available on Shapes collection, but is on the layer itself, so you will need to use it like this:

Set shp = ActiveLayer.FindShape("Speaker1")
This should do the trick.
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