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Old 15-03-2011, 08:42
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Default Savesettings error in other language versions

I've recently had 2 users with the same problem. It seems savesettings is causing an error on their computer. I thought maybe it was a permissions problem until 2 users had the same problem. Does VBA save to the same directory no matter what the Windows/CorelDraw version?
Both users had showed me a screenshot and I did notice they use commas instead of periods for their language in the textboxes of the macro. Could this cause an issue?
Any other ideas?
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Old 15-03-2011, 11:45
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Default Commas

Yep, you have nailed it. Some languages will use a comma and not a period and things go wrong from there. You read in the value (a string), and convert to a double (CDbl) is see the comma and your get the error. If you are going to support International, you need to use (Val) first then (CDbl)

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Old 15-03-2011, 12:29
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This sub triggers the error handler in both cases.
Would that make this sub throw the error? Or is there also something else to blame?

Public Sub saveSettings()
    Dim fLeft As Double, fTop As Double
   On Error GoTo saveSettings_Error

    fLeft = frmMain.Left
    fTop = frmMain.Top
    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "form_left", fLeft
    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "form_top", fTop

    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "rand_use_h", frmMain.rdRandUseH.Value
    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "rand_use_w", frmMain.rdRandUseW.Value
    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "resp_area", frmMain.chkRespArea.Value
    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "leave_orig", frmMain.chkLeaveOrig.Value
    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "prec", frmMain.txtPrec
    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "ph", frmMain.txtH.Value
    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "margin", frmMain.txtMarg
    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "timer", frmMain.chkTimer.Value
    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "rotate45", frmMain.chkRot45.Value
    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "rotate", frmMain.chkRot.Value
    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "unit", frmMain.ComboBoxUnits.Value
    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "rotate", frmMain.chkRot.Value
    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "pw", frmMain.txtW.Value
    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "opt", frmMain.chkOpt.Value
    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "mode1", frmMain.rdModeNew.Value
    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "mode2", frmMain.rdModeAdd.Value
    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "mode3", frmMain.rdModeQuickTile.Value
    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "rand_mx", frmMain.txtRandMx.Value
    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "rand_my", frmMain.txtRandMy.Value
    SaveSetting "GDG_Nest", "Preferences", "rand_pal", frmMain.cbRandPal.Value

   On Error GoTo 0
   Exit Sub


    MsgBox "Error"
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comma, savesettings

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