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Old 29-10-2004, 13:29
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Alex, you are a Corel Draw deity aren't you?

Works like a charm! Thanx again!!!
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Old 29-10-2004, 20:36
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Originally Posted by Alex
Well, that's a limitation of previous versions of CorelDRAW. The icons, captions, tooltips, etc are not saved in the .cwf files. However in CorelDRAW 12 this is addressed after the workspace files have been changed to XML...
I see in a software, they can put their icons in their buttons with their wokspace ( in Corel 11) .
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Old 29-10-2004, 22:34
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You will need to ship the whole workspace which could include those customization. But you can't just create a CWF file which will have only one toolbar or something like that. You will need to go to the Workspaces folder, get the CW_ file along with the CFG files from the corresponding subfolder, and install them on the user machine, then fiddle with registry to set the new workspace as default for CorelDRAW to use next time it is started...
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Old 30-10-2004, 04:22
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Can give me a example (step by step ) ?
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Old 30-10-2004, 09:29
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It's best to start with the default workspace:
  1. Start CorelDRAW
  2. Go to Tools>Options dialog and select the root Workspace node in the options tree. Make sure that you have "_default" workspace selected (See attached Fig 1).
  3. Close the dialog
  4. Shut down CorelDRAW.
  5. Launch CorelDRAW again and hold down F8 during startup untill you see a message asking if you want to restore default settings (Fig 2). Click "Yes"
  6. When CorelDRAW launches, go to Tools>Options>Workspace again
  7. Click New... button on the workspace dialog (see Fig 1 again for reference).
  8. Enter the name of your new workspace name, specify that it should take settings from _default workspace and you can specify an optional description of the workspace (Fig 3). Click OK
  9. Now you should see your workspace in the list of workspaces and it should be activated (Fig 4)
  10. Now go to Workspace>Customization>Command bars in the options tree and you can create a new toolbar by clicking New button below the list and entering the toolbar title (Fig 5)
  11. Now go to Workspace>Customization>Commands section and select "Macros" from the list box on the top. This will show the list of all available macros.
  12. Select the macro you want to add to your toolbar and just drag it from the list. See the mini-animation in Fig 6.
  13. Repeat customizations until you create your workspace (you might want to change icons for the buttons, captions, tooltips, etc.
  14. Now shut down CorelDRAW.
  15. Go to the workspace folder where all the files are stored. In CorelDRAW11, this is in C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Corel\Graphics11\User Workspace\CorelDRAW11. Note that the user name will be different depending on the current Windows user account in use. In CorelDRAW 12, the workspace is stored in a similar location: C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Corel\Graphics12\User Workspace\CorelDRAW12
  16. In that folder you will see a few files with .CW_ extensions. And also several subfolders with the names of the workspaces you have. (Fig 7)
  17. You need to copy your cw_ file (CoolTool.cw_) and the CoolTool subfolder with all the CFG files (CorelDRAW 11) or (XML files in CorelDRAW 12).
  18. Make sure you do not distrubute any INI files which might be in the workspace folders (Fig 8a for CorelDRAW 11 and Fig 8b for CorelDRAW 12).
  19. Now, all you need to do is to copy the CW_ file into the CorelDRAW workspace folder, create CoolTool subfolder and copy the CFG/XML files to your client.
  20. Finally, to automate the setup process, your setup program must point CorelDRAW to the new workspace. CorelDRAW uses the following registry key to specify last workspace used, so next time it is launched, it will load the workspace specified:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Corel\CorelDRAW\11.0\CorelDRAW -> LastWorkspaceUsed - CorelDRAW 11
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Corel\CorelDRAW\12.0\CorelDRAW -> LastWorkspaceUsed - CorelDRAW 12
  21. This key should point to the full path of the CW_ file. (Fig 9)

Now this should do it
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