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Old 12-04-2010, 05:54
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Default Ghost Outlines (in Corel X3)


after a long, long time of trying I have no solution for the following problem:
I am creating whole files via VBA (>100.000 per year).
These files can contain texts with outlines.
The users are editing the created files afterwards.
They may decide to delete some of the created outlines.
They may also resize the shapes.

The problem is:
When I create a text with outline in VBA and afterwards the user deletes the outline and later resizes the shape THE OUTLINE WILL REAPPEAR.

This happens only, if the outline has set ScaleWithShape to true.

So the scale-with-shape-outlines of texts seem to be internally corrupted.


Dim sh As Shape
Set sh = ActiveLayer.CreateArtisticText(0, 0, "HELLO WORLD")
sh.Outline.Type = cdrOutline
sh.Outline.Width = 0.1
sh.Outline.ScaleWithShape = True

Now delete the shape and resize it - voilà.

I tried lots of things:
- copying the outline per "outline.CopyAssign" from another shape
- creating the text shape per ActiveVirtualLayer.CreateArtisticText
- using CreateParagraphText
- using the method shape.SetOutlineProperties
- using shaperange.setOutlineProperties

Nothing helps.

Does anyone know a trick how to create reliably editable text with outlines?



PS: is this bug removed in later versions? I bet 10 bucks that it is still there in X15.

PPS: If you have an existing text and set ScaleWithShape=true per VBA you get the same result: Delete the outline, resize the shape, *kaboom*.
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Old 13-04-2010, 14:30
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Default X5

I will take that bet. This works as expected in X5, the outline is not restored when scaling the text. Feel free to send me my 10 bucks. ;-)

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Old 14-04-2010, 07:31
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Oh this is SO good news! Thanks a lot for trying it out!

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Old 14-04-2010, 11:31
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ok. Hope you got a really good printer Shelby.
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Old 21-04-2016, 05:52
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Default What the real problem was

I just incidentially found this old thread.

Today I know what the problem was:

I deleted the outline via

sh.Outline.width = 0

instead of


If you try to delete an outline via "width = 0" then the outline reappears after rescaling.
Unfortunately I didn't state in the original post HOW I deleted the outline!
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