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Old 21-06-2011, 00:59
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Default Please help with debug!

Please I need some help. I have a bug in my macro and I can not figure out what is wrong at this moment and I need my macro badly.

Global Cerniera
Sub cer_lunga()
    Dim df_copy As Shape
    Dim holder As Shape
    Dim doc As Document
    Dim lyr As Layer
    Dim foc As ActiveView
    Dim dx#, dy#, dp#
    Dim grf As Shape
    Dim a#, b#, c#, d#
    Set doc = ActiveDocument
    doc.Unit = cdrMillimeter
    Set lyr = FindLayer(ActivePage, "temp")
    Set df_copy = ActiveSelection.Duplicate
    df_copy.MoveToLayer lyr
    df_copy.ObjectData("Name").Value = "test"
    dx = df_copy.TopY
    dy = df_copy.CenterX
    dp = dy - dx * 2
    df_copy.Move 0, dp
    ' Set foc = Focus(doc)
    ' Create PowerClip Boxes
    dx = ActiveLayer.Shapes("test").SizeHeight
    dy = ActiveLayer.Shapes("test").SizeWidth
    a = ActiveSelection.LeftX - 2.5
    b = ActiveSelection.BottomY - 2.5
    ActiveLayer.CreateRectangle2 a, b, (ActiveSelection.SizeWidth + 5), (ActiveSelection.SizeHeight + 5), 0, 0, 0, 0
    ActiveSelection.ObjectData("name").Value = "holder_left"
    ActiveSelection.SetSizeEx a, b, (ActiveSelection.SizeWidth / 2), (ActiveSelection.SizeHeight)
    Set df_copy = ActiveSelection.Duplicate
    df_copy.ObjectData("Name").Value = "holder_right"
    c = df_copy.RightX - df_copy.LeftX
    df_copy.Move c, 0
    df_copy.ObjectData("Name").Value = "holder"
    ' ActiveLayer.Shapes("holder").CreateSelection
    Set grf = ActiveSelection
    holder.AddToPowerClip grf
    ActiveLayer.Shapes("holder_left").Move -(Cerniera / 2), 0
    ActiveLayer.Shapes("holder_right").Move (Cerniera / 2), 0
    ' Set foc = Focus(doc)
    Unload cer_lng
End Sub

Function FindLayer(ByVal pg As Page, ByVal Name As String) As Layer
    Dim LayerFound As Layer
    Dim lr As Layer
    Set LayerFound = Nothing
    For Each lr In pg.Layers
        If lr.Name = Name Then
            Set LayerFound = lr
            Exit For
        End If
    Next lr
    If LayerFound Is Nothing Then
        Set LayerFound = ActivePage.CreateLayer(Name)
    End If
    Set FindLayer = LayerFound
End Function

Function Focus(ByVal doc As Document) As ActiveView
    ' Focus Object

End Function
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Old 21-06-2011, 08:27
shark shark is offline
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Too many lines of code. What purpose of this macro ? What it must do?
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Old 23-06-2011, 02:08
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The macro I made to help me speed up my work process.

And in short explanation, takes a graphic puts it in 2 grouped rectangles, the rectangles are grouped and turned into a powerclip.

The macro makes the ZIP cut for cycling t-shirts. But you can test the macro with any object. It should cut the object in half (virtualy), really what happens is that the graphics is hidden by the powerclip for later edit process.

I hope I explained correctly.

If you need the gms file just let me know.

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Old 23-06-2011, 03:28
shark shark is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Russia, Belgorod
Posts: 146

I do not tested your code, better write my own
Try add such line after ActiveSelection.Outline.SetNoOutline
holder.AddToPowerClip grf
change to
holder.AddToPowerClip grf, false
May be it will help
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Old 24-06-2011, 01:16
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Thank you for your reply.
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